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Guild: DOJ Must End Pursuit of NY Times Reporter Risen

In a statement released today, The Newspaper Guild expresses deep disappointment in the Supreme Court's refusal to hear an appeal from Nw York Times reporter James Risen, who is being threatened with jail if he won't identify a source. Now, the Guild, says the ball is in the DOJ's court, saying, "the onus is now on the Justice Department to end its years-long pursuit of Risen and rescind its subpoena." Guild President Bernie Lunzer said, ""We strongly believe that the First Amendment protects Mr. Risen, as we believe the Framers envisioned," Newspaper Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. "They saw the press as a fundamental piece of a functional republic. It is long past time for the Obama Administration to live up to those principles and stop persecuting journalists as Attorney General Holder suggested they would last week. If he meant what he said, now is the moment to prove it."